A delicious, globe-spanning adventure.

Journey to Chocolate has arrived!

Across time. Across oceans. Chocolate travels a long way to reach our mouths. Discover the history and making of chocolate as you've never seen them before. Journey to Chocolate guides you on a delicious, globe-spanning adventure across fifteen custom maps, each crafted with young explorers in mind.

"With a down-home style, the latest wisdom in wildlife management, and humorous yet meaningful analogies, Josh VanBrakle describes 101 projects that will help your property contribute to, rather than destroy, your local ecosystem."


- DOUG TALLAMY, author of Bringing Nature Home

"A Godsend to private landowners."


- CHUCK, LEAVELL, Georgia landowner & keyboardist for the Rolling Stones


"A timely successor to Aldo Leopold."


- JOHN ELDER, Vermont landowner & author of Reading the Mountains of Home

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