The complete guide to maintaining your woods.

More than 10 million ordinary citizens own over half the forestland in America. Most landowners want to do right by their land, but until now there’s been no single resource to help them do so. Backyard Woodland is a comprehensive guide to nurturing the land in your care, from soil and water protection to fostering wildlife diversity and keeping the land whole. Backyard Woodland also features tips for the financial considerations that come from land-owning, including how to save money on your taxes and how to make some extra income from responsible timber sales and viable farming. Owning a piece of the woods is a rare privilege, and this complete guide will help you get the most out of the experience.


Backyard Woodland: How to Maintain and Sustain Your Trees, Water, and Wildlife is published by Countryman Press, a division of W.W. Norton & Company. You can pick up your copy at, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite local bookstore.

What landowners are saying about Backyard Woodland:

"Josh VanBrakle's Backyard Woodland is a Godsend to private landowners of all types as well as to those that just want to learn more about how trees, forests, wildlife, and other aspects of nature work together in harmony. He presents lots of knowledgeable and easily understood information about the great outdoors that anyone and everyone can enjoy and learn from. Well done, Josh!"


- CHUCK LEAVELL, Georgia landowner and keyboardist for the Rolling Stones

"Small or large woodland owner, new owner or long time owner, this book can motivate you to do more with your land."


- CHARLES STACKHOUSE, President, New York Forest Owners Association

"In a conversational tone with many useful sidebars, VanBrakle offers a readable resource for everyone from the birder with a few wooded acres to the aspiring timber owner."


- GINGER STRAND, New York landowner and author of Inventing Niagara and The Brothers Vonnegut

"What makes this book especially valuable is that its many practical suggestions about such topics as working with foresters and loggers, avoiding erosion, and controlling exotic invasives are consistently related to larger ecological realities and to the aesthetic and spiritual foundations of forest stewardship. In attempting such a synthesis, this book is a timely successor to Aldo Leopold's For the Health of the Land."


- JOHN ELDER, New York landowner and author of Reading the Mountains of Home

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