"All the hallmarks of a great saga." - Kirkus Reviews

Iren Saitosan and Rondel Thara used to be student and teacher, but now they're at each other's throats. Iren seeks vengeance for his parents' murders, while Rondel believes that only by slaying Iren can balance on Raa be maintained. Caught between them is the Kodaman queen Minawë, who must decide whom to support: her best friend or her mother.


As Iren, Rondel, and Minawë battle each other, the Maantec lord Katashi Melwar sets in motion a plan to win him what he most desires: the restoration of his people through bloody conquest. Can Minawë stop those she cares about most from killing each other in time to prevent a genocide? Or will she have to watch Raa crumble around her?


Love and hate, friendship and betrayal, forgiveness and revenge...they all collide in this epic finale.


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