"As a talk show guest, Josh VanBrakle deserves 5 stars. He filled in with very little notice…and did a masterful job. He knows his material and isn't afraid to share it.  I truly appreciated his preparation, delivery and spontaneity." - Phyllis Horowitz, host of It Is What It Is on WIOX 91.3FM Roxbury

My passion is to share the wonder of nature with as many people as I can. That passion has led me to speak at nature-themed events across the US. I'm always open to presenting at conferences, workshops, and classes. I'm also comfortable with radio and television shows, podcasts, blogs, and newspaper and magazine interviews. Basically, if you're looking for a speaker or interview subject on forests, wildlife, or land conservation, I'm open to helping.


When I present, I make a point never to "jargon up" my talk. Nature is complex, which makes it all the more important to speak about it in clear, straightforward terms. I see my role as a translator, someone who takes the complicated science of nature and communicates what it really means on the ground for landowners, government officials, and the general public. If you'd like to hear what I sound like as an interview guest, here's a link to an interview I did for the nationally syndicated radio show Living the Country Life.


To book me for your event, show, or publication, please email me at joshvanbrakle@gmail.com. I can respond to interview requests and questions readily. For workshops or other events that require travel, please contact me at least a month beforehand. Due to working a day job and being a new dad, my schedule is pretty hectic. The farther in advance you can reach out to me, the more likely it is that I'll be able to make it fit with my schedule.


In your email, please include the following:


1. Your name and organization or publication

2. Where and how you'd like to include me or my work

3. When your event is or when your deadline is for your article

4. What you would like from me (phone interview, email Q&A, presentation, workshop, etc.)

5. For in-person events, the number of expected attendees and your budget for speakers, if any. Interviews or other occasions that don't require travel I generally won't charge for, but I may charge for time and travel if I need to come to your location (say, for a workshop or conference). I live in central Pennsylvania, so the farther your event is from there, the more I'll typically request as a speaker's fee.

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